IELTS Speaking – Describe An Occasion You Unexpectedly Met Someone

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Describe An Occasion You Unexpectedly Met Someone IELTS speaking cue card

20. IELTS Speaking part 2 -
Describe An Occasion You Unexpectedly Met Someone

In this article, IELTS Game will add number 20 cue card on the series of IELTS speaking exams part 2 with band 9.0 model answers that will help you in your IELTS preparation.

This cue card is related to “occasion” topic and asking you to Describe an occasion when you were surprised to meet someone you know.”

or “Describe an occasion when you unexpectedly met someone you know”, and asking some questions related to this topic.

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Describe An Occasion You Unexpectedly Met Someone IELTS speaking cue card
Describe An Occasion You Unexpectedly Met Someone IELTS speaking cue card

Describe an occasion when you were surprised to meet someone you know.

You should say:

  • – Who it was
  • – Where you met this person
  • – What you did when you met
  • – And explain why you were surprised to meet this person.

Band 9.0 Sample.

Well, it doesn’t happen a lot when you unexpectedly meet someone you know.

But a couple of days ago when I was out for lunch, I bumped into a high school classmate whom I haven‟t seen since we graduated.
I was walking along the street when I saw him standing in front of a restaurant.

He hasn’t changed a bit, so I recognized him right away. I approached him and said hi;

however, it took him a while to realize that I was his high school classmate.  At that moment, I felt very awkward.

Luckily, it didn’t last long and we started to give each other a quick update about our lives recently, such as where we are working currently, our families and, of course, we swapped phone numbers and promised to keep in touch in future.

Since we were both in a hurry, we didn’t spend much time chatting to each other. However, it always feels good when you unexpectedly meet a long-lost friend.

If we had had more time,we‟d probably have reminisced about our high school memories with all the crazy things that we did back then.


bump into: [phrasal verb] to meet unexpectedly by accident.

  • Example: To my surprise, I bumped into my English teacher in the supermarket.

he hasn’t changed a bit: [verb phrase] he looks or acts exactly the same.

  • Example: My uncle looks the same as in the photos of him 20 years ago. It‟s amazing, he hasn’t changed a bit.

right away: [adverb] immediately

  • Example: This message is very urgent, so please send it right away.

awkward: [adjective] making you feel embarrassed.

  • Example: At the restaurant, my friend had to pay for our meal. It was an awkward situation, because I had forgotten to bring any money!

update: [noun] a report containing the most recent information.

  • Example: I planned to go to the beach, so I checked on the Internet for an update on the weather forecast.

swap: [verb] to give something to somebody and receive something in exchange.

  • Example: I swapped places with a man on the bus, so that I could sit near the front.

keep in touch: [verb phrase] to communicate with somebody, especially by writing or telephoning.

  • Example: Most young people nowadays keep in touch by e-mailing or texting their friends.

chat: [verb] to talk in a friendly, informal way to somebody

  • Example: I decided to invite my friend for a coffee, so we could chat about our recent holidays

a long-lost friend: [noun] a friend that you have not seen for a long time.

  • Example: At the bus station, I bumped into a long-lost friend that I had not seen since my school days.

reminisce: [verb] to think, talk or write about a happy time in your past.

  • Example: My father often reminisces about his years at university.

back then: [adverb] at a particular time in the past.

  • Example: I remember when I visited Thailand many years ago. Back then, there were very few tourists.

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