Find your English speaking partner online | The best website

Find your English speaking partner

Find your English speaking partner online | The best website

Find your English speaking partner
Find your English speaking partner

Nowadays, there are many websites and applications that help people to learn any language without leaving home.

The best way to learn English or any other new foreign language is to practice it with native speakers, especially if they know how to teach it in a right way.

In this article, IELTS Game will tell you the best site and app where you can find natives to talk with them.

Benefits of Speaking English with native English teachers

Thanks to technology that make it easy to find native English speaker, and at the same time have the skills to teach you in a correct way.

Native English speaker teachers can assess your English level and help you to learn the new language step by step.

Speaking English with Non-professional natives, is it good?

Some of us try to chat with native English speakers to improve his or her second language through social media or chat rooms.

Although this method is a good one and may be efficient for some time, it has many drawbacks, as the non-professional speakers can’t help you too much to improve your language.

You can learn some phrases, words or even expressions from them, but they can’t tell you what do you exactly need to improve yourself, what’s your weak points to stress on it, as they don’t have the skills to do that thing.

The Best Website to find native English people.

One of the best websites and mobile application to find your English speaking partner is italki, which provide professional tutors in every language and also non-professional natives who want to learn a new language through language exchange.

italki is a well-known community that provide professional native tutors in almost all languages, and for sure, English is on of them.

You can use italki on mobile, mac, or desktop at any time you want.

You can speak with one of native professional English teachers who will help you to improve your English vocabulary, grammar, fluency, etc..

Also, speaking for long time will improve your pronunciation which is important in IELTS speaking test.



PRICE: Free. Paid classes with tutors.



Paid services on italki.

You can search for teachers according their hour rate or according to the skills they focus on it in their lessons.

Free services on italki.

You can visit italki community and you will find native English speakers who want to learn your mother tongue or just want to chat with new people.

So, you can start to chat with him and teach him your language and in turn, Speak English with him.

Join italki now and speak fluently.

Join italki now, which is a simple process and will take only 1 to 2 minutes, and try free and paid services then share your opinion with us in comment sections.

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  1. I want to be a speaking partner to improve my speaking as like as native speaker.
    Thanks indeed.

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