7 Article Writing Tips on how to write a good Five-Paragraph Essay

7 Article Writing Tips for Formulating a Perfect Five Paragraph Essay

7 Article Writing Tips for Formulating a Perfect Five-Paragraph Essay

7 Article Writing Tips for Formulating a Perfect Five Paragraph Essay
7 Article Writing Tips for Formulating a Perfect Five Paragraph Essay

Would you like to write an essay in English for your IELTS exam that would make even your mom proud? 🙂 Then here’s the secret ingredient. It’s the structure

The following article writing tips will show you how to write a good 5-paragraph essay in English .

Tip # 1: Start with an essay outline

Before you write an essay, you must make a plan for your essay, it will adhere to the given topic. To get started, write the subheadings briefly, including ideas and research that you deem appropriate. This is called article writing format.

So the outline of a good essay consists of five points:

Article writing format

1. Introduction (introductory part);
2. The first point (main part, your reasons);
3. The second point (main part, your reasons);
4. The third point (main part, your arguments);
5. Conclusion (conclusion);

Tip # 2: So get down to business!

The main thing in a good essay is to “hook” the reader from the first sentences. Let him understand what awaits him in the article and what he can learn, which means explain to him the essence of your essay in the introductory paragraph.


Good : “Are you a culinary artist who dreams of having her cake and eating it, too? If so, a career in cake decorating could be right for you. ” – “Are you a culinary artist dreaming of doing your favorite job and running your own business? If so, cake decorating is exactly what you need. “

Bad : “First, find a recipe. Next, bake your cake. Now it’s time to decorate. That’s where the fun begins. ” “First, find the recipe. Then, bake the cake. Now it’s time to decorate it. This is where the fun begins. “

In the second example, the author goes around the bush for too long. If you don’t focus on the main idea right away, you run the risk of misleading the reader.

Tip # 3: State your arguments in the introductory part of your essay

End the introductory part of your essay with a thesis that ties together the three upcoming paragraphs.


Good : “Owning your own cake decorating business can lead to artistic satisfaction, job security, and personal freedom.” “By owning your own cake decorating business, you get aesthetic pleasure, stable employment and personal freedom.”

Bad : “Owning your own cake decorating business is a great idea.” “Owning your own cake decorating business is a great idea.”

Note that the second example is too vague. A clear thesis statement and a specific list of facts and ideas will allow the reader to assimilate all the necessary information by the end of the essay.

Tip # 4: Submit Your Best Argument First

Submit your best argument first. Write a reason why the reader should consider cake decorating as a career.


Good : “Decorators enjoy the artistic satisfaction of creating beautiful cakes for special occasions.” “Cake makers get aesthetic pleasure while creating beautiful cakes for special occasions.”
Bad : “People like frosting cakes.” “People love decorated cakes.”

Our second vague example tells the reader what they already know. Do not drive him into anguish. Give him a serious boost.

Article Writing Tips – Tip # 5: Continue to sprinkle your arguments and arguments in the second and third paragraphs

An essay cannot be based on only one point of view. The third and fourth points should continue your decorating mood. 

Recall that above we have already mentioned three advantages of cake decorating – aesthetic pleasure, stable employment and personal freedom. 

In bullet three and four, write your arguments for stable employment and personal freedom. Reflect on how running your business creates the opportunity to work and be in demand in your field. What are the benefits of working for yourself? When in doubt about what to write about here, search Google for more ideas. Play around with search terms such as “cake decorator”, “own business”, “personal entrepreneurial freedom”.

Tip # 6: Finish Your Argument

Finish your reasoning by listing all the reasons in the final part of the essay. Here you can repeat some of the reasoning that you used earlier. 

Know that the closing part is your last chance to convince the reader of your reasoning, but do not add any new ideas to the ending.

Tip # 7: Relax and then reread your essay again

After you finish writing your essay in English, put it aside for a while. Later, look at it again, you will undoubtedly notice something that can be corrected or something missed. What’s more, it’s perfectly okay to write three, five, or even ten drafts before you completely enjoy your essay.

If you don’t have time to put your creation aside, ask a friend to edit it. You may not agree with the criticism of a comrade, but his fresh look will allow you to look at the text from the point of view of the reader.

You can use this tips in your practice for your IELTS writing either Academic or General writing IELTS task 2.


So, let’s summarize. Any good piece adheres to structure. When you write a five-paragraph essay, the structure should be fixed and specific. But the product that you create within this framework is definitely yours. What will your next five-point essay be about?

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