IELTS preparation tips | top 10 online free sites

Best IELTS preparation tips, materials and online websites

IELTS preparation tips | Top-10 online free sites

Best IELTS preparation tips, materials and online websites
IELTS preparation tips

Top 10 IELTS online free sites – Best ielts preparation online free websites, materials, books and tips for self-study at home.

In self-preparation for IELTS, it is important not only to adhere to a competent training strategy and to plan your time wisely, but also to choose the right resources for examining

the requirements of the exam, and to practice and improve specific skills readingwritinglistening and speaking.

IELTS Game decided to prepare for you the most complete review of existing and, most importantly, useful online resources for self-preparation for IELTS.

Our review includes only English-language sites. On which of them to prepare – decide for yourself, because from the point of view of utility, they are all different.

And one more thing: the order of resources in our review is not related to our opinion about them or their popularity among students. However, all 10 resources deserve your attention.

Best 10 IELTS Preparation Online Free & Paid Websites

1. British Council website

The first place on our list is the website about IELTS preparation from the British Council.

It is not surprising, because of the British Council, along with Cambridge English Language Assessment were the initiators of the creation of the IELTS exam in 1989.

A little later they were joined by the IDP:

IELTS Australia (International Development Program of the Australian Universities and Colleges), so that other countries (except Great Britain) could participate in the creation and management of the exam.

On the British Council website, in the section “Prepare”, you can find many useful things as:

  • IELTS exam requirements, free practical materials,
  • Resources for training and IELTS online tests,
  • IELTS tips on how to behave on the day of the exam,
  • IELTS exam preparation books and the free online course of preparation for IELTS: “Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests“.



British Council Website.


The site contains a huge amount of useful and, most importantly, official information from one of the creators of the exam, but still, it does not give the opportunity to prepare for all parts of the exam.

2. Cambridge English website

The site itself,, is a grand resource dedicated to all Cambridge English Assessment projects from:

Learning Englishteaching English and ending with international exams.

The IELTS section is one of many on the site, but it does not prevent it from being informative.

The most important advantage of Cambridge’s IELTS resource is that, all the information on it is official.

There are 4 main sections on the site:

a. Format of the IELTS exam

The section provides basic information about the features and pitfalls of the exam.

– must read it for successful preparation for the IELTS.

b. Preparation section

In the “Preparation” section there are task samples that can be downloaded, materials on frequently asked questions.

In addition to links to free online courses on preparation for IELTS (“Inside IELTS”), already familiar to us from the British Council website and posted on the MOOC site ” Future learn “.

c. Exam dates section

d. IELTS exams Results

Finally, the site has the opportunity to use Cambridge paid services – from IELTS speaking practice with their own teachers to the Vocabulary Builder.



Cambridge English Website.


The site is good for reviewing exam requirements, as well as studying reviews and acquiring Cambridge books in preparation for the IELTS.

You can also pass the sample test – but for this, you must first download all the materials for testing yourself on the computer.

3. IDP IELTS website


The site positions itself as the site of the official testing center of IELTS in Australia. IDP IELTS is a co-owner of IELTS trademark;

therefore, all information on the site is official.

However, unlike the previous two resources, Australians have pleased with a more convenient interface.

The structure of the site is similar to

It also contains sections “Preparation”, “Book test”, “Results”, “Frequently asked questions”.

In the section on training, there are many articles on the requirements of the exam, myths and rumors, a bit of advice about examiners, information on master classes

and workshops on preparing for the test.

In the “Book a test” section, you can register for the exam, find out what to expect on the day of the exam, and read the test rules.

In the “Results” section, you can learn about the evaluation criteria, get the test results online and even request a recount of points.



IDP IELTS Website.


IDP is an excellent modern resource that can be used as an official, but not the only source for preparing for the exam.

4. website is the official IELTS website, which is co-hosted by the British Council, Cambridge English Assessment and IDP: IELTS Australia.

From the three previous ones, it differs, first of all, in that it contains a large number of well-structured information.

On the site, you can not only book exam dates, study requirements but also organizations can learn how to establish IELTS passing score for recruitment,

why it is generally worth accepting IELTS certificates from applicants, data from various studies, information on the recruitment and training of examiners.

In general, a lot of interesting and official information that cannot be found on the three previous resources.

In addition, the site has information on how to take the test in the US.

Pros of resource.

Cons of resource. Website.


We recommend that you start preparing for the exam by studying the official information about it, presented at and gradually moving to the practical tasks on other resources.

5. IELTS Exam website

Very informative resource about the preparation for IELTS, which is full of practical tasks on all sections of the exam: listening, reading, writing and speaking.

It is important that all practical tasks are broken not only in the sections of the exam, but also in topics.

For example, by selecting the Speaking section, we can choose any topic that may be asked in Speaking, and there we will be offered a discussion card.

In addition to the tasks themselves, there are also model answers on the site, the requirements of each section.



IELTS Exam Website.


In conjunction with the official IELTS resources, this site, despite the sense of antiquity, can be used to improve writing, reading, listening and speaking skills.

6. IELTS Essential Website

IELTS Essentials is another resource that IDP leads: IELTS Australia Pty Ltd. From

It differs in that the first is the site of the official testing center, and IELTS Essentials is a site that is entirely devoted to preparing for the test.

Although undoubtedly, it also can find all the information presented on the sites above, learn about requirements, evaluation criteria, find answers to frequently asked questions and practice skills with the help ofnumerous Sample Tasks.



IELTS Essential Website.

Summing Up.

A good information resource for preparing for IELTS, which can be used during preparation for the test, but not as a universal tool.

7. IELTS advantage website

IELTS advantage website
IELTS advantage website

The site owner, Christopher Pell, is an Irish man who lived in Asia for a long time.

In addition to maintaining a website where you can find a lot of useful information for preparing for the test, Christopher also checks the essay, gives private lessons and sells

his own VIP course in his IELTS Academy.

If we talk about free IELTS material, there is plenty of it:

There are articles with tips and secrets on how to pass the IELTS test, and useful practical materials for the study of all skills.



IELTS Advantage Website.


This site with an uncomplicated design will be a great help in preparation for the IELTS.

There are a lot of practically valuable advice and recommendations from an experienced expert;

however, you will have to pay for access to many of them.

8. Road to IELTS site

This site is nothing more than an online course to prepare for the IELTS called “Road to IELTS“.

The authors of the course and, accordingly, the site – the “British Council” known to us and “Clarity English” – is a private English online school from the UK with offices around the world.

The course is positioned as an official course from the British Council. Of course, the Road to IELTS rate is charged (the cost varies from $ 50 to $ 100).

➤ How can this resource be useful to us?

In addition to descriptions and all manner of course advertising and course reviews from students, we have, for example, such a useful tool as the IELTS score calculator, with which you can calculate your approximate score, knowing your achievements for each part of the exam.

In addition, the authors of the site blog ““, in which they spread interesting articles from the test examiners.



Road to IELTS Website.


From the point of view of usefulness, the Road to IELTS course deserves close attention.

However, the materials of the resource lose against the others, as they are very few on the site.

9. IELTS Liz website

The resource of the laborer Elizabeth, or as she calls herself Liz, you can devote a separate article.

She is an expert on IELTS and leads a very informative resource, where you will find many useful tips, the latest job options,essay analysis and much more.

The site is positioned as a Free IELTS preparation website.

The site has an uncomplicated but convenient structure

– Here there is a section with information about the exam, materials for each of the aspects of the test, a block with vocabulary for IELTS.

The resource captures the frequency of content updates and the relevance of the information.

And the fact that Liz – the only author of this huge resource – a storehouse of usefulness for the successful delivery of IELTS.





Despite everything, Elizabeth daily does a great job and makes her resource really interesting for users. Not in vain the attendance of her site exceeds 30 million people a month.

We recommend using the materials presented on the site to prepare for the IELTS.

10. Engvid website

The site Engvid is known to many as a wonderful and inexhaustible resource with interesting teaching videos in English.

What is just not there – in their videos, 11 experienced and charismatic English teachers talk about how to improve spoken language, which words to use in an essay, how to improve reading skills and much more.

There is also a whole section devoted to IELTS and lessons to all aspects of the IELTS.

Sample topics for IELTS video lessons on Engvid:

  • how to describe the diagrams in the writing part,
  • how to paraphrase the questions in the essay,
  • the IELTS Academic vocabulary,
  • tips for the speaking part,
  • how not to fill up the reading and so on.



Engvid website.


It is highly recommended to watch video lessons engvid to all those who prefer to perceive information in video format.

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