IELTS Speaking – Describe something you do that keeps you fit

Describe Something You Do That Keeps You Fit Cue Card IELTS Speaking

19. IELTS Speaking part 2 -
Describe Something You Do That Keeps You Fit

In this article, IELTS Game will add number 19 cue card on the series of IELTS speaking exams part 2 with band 9.0 model answers that will help you in your IELTS preparation.

This cue card is related to “sports and fitness” topic and asking you to “Describe Something You Do That Keeps You Fit. Or, that helps to keep you fit“, and asking some questions related to this topic.

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Describe Something You Do That Keeps You Fit Cue Card IELTS Speaking
Describe Something You Do That Keeps You Fit Cue Card IELTS Speaking

Describe something you do that keeps you fit. (or, that helps to keep you fit).

You should say:

  • – what it is
  • – how often you do it
  • – how you do it (or, how easy or difficult it is to do) and explain how it helps to keep you fit.

Band 9.0 Sample.

Nowadays, keeping fit is everyone’s concern and I am no exception.

Since I am a full time employee, I can‟t arrange time to go to the gym as often as when I was a student.

However, in order to stay fit, I register for a hip hop class, which is held twice a week.

– Unlike running on the treadmill, dancing is more fun. It helps me burn a lot of energy.

In addition, it enhances my flexibility with a lot of stretching movements.

Dancing also allows me to work on all the parts of my body. You might look at dancers and think that dancing is light and easy, but you are wrong.

In order to be that flexible and light, dancers have to work on their core muscles to maintain their stamina.

Dancing can help burn as many as 360 calories in just an hour of intensive training.

By maintaining a schedule of dancing twice a week, I successfully manage to keep fit.

Not only that, dancing helps me relax after a busy day at work and my mind is always fresh and alert during and after the class.


keep fit: [verb phrase] do physical exercises to improve your strength and stay healthy.

  • Example: Keeping fit is especially important for people who spend a lot of their time at their desks, working or studying.

hip hop: [noun] a type of music [usually with words] played with a regular beat on electronic instruments.

  • Example: Hip hop is great music for a keep-fit class, because the regular beat is perfect for repeating physical exercises.

treadmill: [noun] an exercise machine with a moving surface that you can run or walk on, while remaining in the same place.

  • Example: You can change the speed on the treadmill in the gym, for running or walking, fast or slow.

burn a lot of energy/burn calories: [verb phrases] use up the energy that we get from our food.

  • Example: Athletes burn a lot of energy, so they need a diet with lots of calories.

flexibility: [noun] the ability to bend easily when we move.

  • Example: Without regular exercise, older people lose their flexibility and they find it more difficult to move easily.

stretch: [verb] to put your arms and legs out straight and contract your muscles.

  • Example: These stretching exercises will strengthen the muscles in your arms and legs.

core muscles: [adjective + noun] the most essential muscles in your body.

  • Example: Dancing is an activity which uses all your core muscles.

stamina: [noun] the physical strength that enables you to do something for a long time.

  • Example: The event in athletics which demands the most stamina is probably the marathon.

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