Describe your favorite singer IELTS Cue Card

Describe your favorite singer

175. IELTS Cue Card -
Describe your favorite singer

In this article, IELTS Game will add number 175 IELTS cue card sample on the series of 2020 cue cards with band 9.0 model answers and part 3 follow up questions that will help you in your IELTS test preparation.

This cue card is related to “Singer description” topic and asking you to “Describe your favorite singer and asking IELTS speaking part 3 follow up questions from Makkar Jan-Apr 2021 cue cards guesswork.

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Describe your favorite singer
Describe your favorite singer

IELTS Cue Card Sample 175

Describe your favorite singer.

You should say:

  • – How do you know this singer?
  • – What this person is like?
  • – Do you think he/she is good?

Band 9.0 Sample Answer Ideas.

• My favorite singer is the famous Punjabi singer Diljit Dosanjh.

• He is one of the leading artists of the Punjabi music industry.

• He has many talents. He is not only a singer but also a songwriter and an actor.

• He has acted in several Punjabi and Hindi movies.

• He has won so many awards in his singing and acting career.

• I love his songs and can’t help playing them on loop.

• My whole family loves him and we listen to him in the car on our road trips.

• He is very stylish and has a very fashionable dressing sense.

• He has become a youth icon and many youngsters try to copy his style.

• He comes from a very humble, middle-class Punjabi family and has risen to stardom because of sheer talent.

• He was inclined towards music from a young age and used to sing in Gurdwaras.

• Slowly he started stage shows and it was there that he got noticed.

• He is a big philanthropist and donates money to many charities.

• In fact, he donates a significant part of his income from stage shows to charities.

• I have also been to one of his concerts in Jalandhar.

• Listening to him live was such a unique experience.

• He not only sang but also danced and interacted with the audience.

• I would love to attend another of his concerts.

IELTS Speaking part 3 Follow Up Questions.

Here are some follow up questions you may be asked during part 3 IELTS Speaking exam by the IELTS examiner related to 1st cue card:

“Describe your favorite singer”

1. Do singers play an important role in your country?

Yes, singers play an important role in my country. They are an integral part of our culture and their songs are played in various ceremonies, weddings, and parties.

2. Do you think celebrities have a lot of income?

I think celebrities earn a lot of income but it is justified. They work hard and entertain us.

They also sacrifice their privacy and personal space because of their popularity.

3. In your country, people prefer to listen to traditional music or foreign music?

In my country, the older generation still likes traditional music but the younger generation is influenced by the western world and prefers to listen to foreign music.

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