Describe a place you like to visit but you don’t want to live there?

Describe a place you like to visit but you don’t want to live there

168. IELTS Cue Card -
Describe a place you like to visit but you don’t want to live there

In this article, IELTS Game will add number 167 IELTS cue card sample on the series of 2020 cue cards with band 9.0 model answers and part 3 follow up questions that will help you in your IELTS test preparation.

This cue card is related to “Short trip description” topic and asking you to “Describe a short trip that you often take but you do not like and asking IELTS speaking part 3 follow up questions.

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Describe a place you like to visit but you don’t want to live there
Describe a place you like to visit but you don’t want to live there

IELTS Cue Card Sample 168

Describe a place you like to visit but you don’t want to live there.

You should say:

  • -What place is it?
  • -When do you visit that place?
  • -How you feel about it?
  • -Why you don’t want to live there?

Band 9.0 Sample Answer Ideas.

• Well, I am a person who loves to travel and explore new places but always feel that nothing beats home when it comes to comfortable living.

• Today, I would like to talk about one such place where I enjoy going every year but I find it really difficult to stay there for a long time.

• So, the place is my maternal aunt’s house in West Delhi and I have been visiting her every year since I was 10 years old.

• Earlier, I used to go there during my summer vacations with my mom, and we would spend close to 2 weeks with my cousins but for the last few years, I have been visiting her during the festival season.

• There are many reasons why I love to travel to Delhi.

• First of all, I really like visiting historical places like Red Fort, Humayun’s tomb, and Qutub Minar.

• Secondly, I really love Delhi’s nightlife and the variety of street foods available there.

• I am a foodie and I think Delhi is a paradise for all food lovers as all the different cuisines in the world are available there.

• And finally, I think Delhi is the best city for shopping as one can buy anything and everything at very affordable prices.

• There are so many specialty markets for electronics, clothes and the biggest shopping malls in the country are also located there.

• But even though Delhi is such a great place, there are still plenty of reasons why I think it is really difficult to live there.

• Let’s start with the biggest one first, which is obviously the population.

• Delhi is India’s most densely populated city with a population of almost 20 million people.

• It is equivalent to that of Australia, a country that is 4 times the size of India.

• It is really crowded out there and it is easy to get lost in the crowd.

• Another reason why I don’t like living there for long periods is air pollution, which is regularly above the hazardous level. I have mild asthma and it really gets worse when I breathe the polluted air in Delhi.

• Lastly, on a humorous note, my maternal uncle is an ex-army officer, and whenever I visit my aunt’s place I kind of hate the discipline and rules in their house.
I always struggle to stay on my best behavior at all times because I am mostly casual about things and I also love to have fun. I always get awkward looks from my uncle.

• So, I would like to end by saying that one must visit Delhi but should not settle there.

IELTS Speaking part 3 Follow Up Questions.

Here are some follow up questions you may be asked during part 3 IELTS Speaking exam by the IELTS examiner related to 1st cue card:

“Describe a place you like to visit but you don’t want to live there”

1. What type of apartment do most people in your country like to live in?

Well, it depends on whether a person is living in the city or the countryside.

In small cities, most of the people live in independent houses. Only a few metropolitan cities have high-rise buildings.

In the rural areas, people either live in houses built out of mud or brick depending upon their financial status. One more interesting fact is that majority of the population in my country lives in rented accommodation.

2. Do people in your country like to invite others as guests?

Yes, people in my country absolutely love to invite others as guests. In fact, in our culture, the guests are given the status of Gods. Normally, people like to invite each other for dinners during the holidays.

I believe that Indian culture gives a lot more value to relationships as compared to the western world and that is why people here love to develop strong bonds with their neighbors and relatives.

3. Do people take gifts when they visit each other?

Well, I feel that this is a tradition, which is now slowly dying out. Earlier people were very formal about the relationships and they never went to someone else’s house empty-handed.

People used to carry fruits or some other items like clothes during their visits, but I see this trend is changing now.

People are becoming more casual and do not consider it important to take a gift when they are visiting someone. The gifting process is now limited to the holiday season or special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

4. What is the difference between the houses in the city centre and the suburbs?

There are many differences between the houses located in posh areas of the city and those located in the outskirts.

The primary difference is the price, the houses in city centers are generally expensive, whereas those in suburbs are generally more affordable.

Another reason why people move to suburban areas is that because they can build large houses there and these areas are less crowded as compared to city centres. Naturally, there is ample parking space and less traffic congestion in the suburbs.

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