DOs and DON’Ts on the IELTS test day

DOs and DON’Ts on the IELTS day

DOs and DON’Ts on the IELTS day

DOs and DON’Ts on the IELTS day
DOs and DON’Ts on the IELTS day

Now that you’ve finished your preparation and have probably registered for the IELTS test, there are several things expected of you before and on test day.

Failing to meet some or all of the following requirements will result in your inability to take the test and receive a refund or transfer.

IELTS Game will tell you what you should do before IELTS test day and DOs and DON’Ts on the IELTS day.

Before the IELTS test day

Before the test day you must:

  • Bring two identical passport-sized photographs to the exam centre (needed for registration);
  • Check emails sent by IELTS exam center as they will contain information regarding the time and location of the examination;
  • Visit the location of the examination venue, which can be different from the address at which you’ve registered, to make sure you know how to get there;
  • Notify the exam center about changes, if any, in your identification document.


On test day you must:

  • Be on time. The test center will typically require you to arrive at the exam venue from 15 minutes to 1 hour before the test starts.
  • Bring your identification document, specifically the one you used while registering for the exam.
  • Allow your identity to be verified. You will be asked to have your photograph and finger-scan taken and provide your signature.
  • Leave your possessions outside the examination room. These will include all items you may have with you: from snacks and drinks to writing equipment and electronic devices. You may be allowed to bring in water in transparent bottles.
  • Keep only your identification document, pen(s), pencil(s) and eraser(s) on your desk.
  • Raise your hand to attract the attention of the invigilator if you have any questions or concerns regarding the examination. You cannot ask for explanation of or answers to test questions.
  • Leave all test materials, including question papers and answer sheets, in the test room. Otherwise, you’ll be disqualified and won’t receive exam results.

If you have any complaints relating to the test delivery, you should submit them to the test centre before receiving your results.


Certain behaviors commonly considered as examination misconduct are strictly forbidden at the IELTS test.

Candidates demonstrating such behaviors will not be allowed to complete the test and will not receive the test result.

You must not:

  • Talk to other test-takers during the test.
  • Take from or give anything to other candidates.
  • Cheat in any way (copying or asking answers from others, impersonating someone or asking someone to impersonate you, etc.)
  • Eat or smoke after the test has started (you can do these before entering the test room).
  • Leave the test room until the invigilator has collected the test materials.
  • Leave the test room without the permission of the invigilator.

You will typically receive the Test Report Form with your test result 13 business days after the test. 

Keep in mind that you will be given only one copy of it, and will not receive a replacement if you lose or damage your Test Report Form.

However, IELTS Test Partners (British CouncilIDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English) will send your test result to the organizations that you have specified on your Application Form, such as universities, colleges or business entities.

And the most important thing you must not do on the test day is to worry. Always try to stay calm and concentrated. Good luck!

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