Download Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS free pdf 4th edition

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Check your vocabulary for IELTS

Download Check Your Vocabulary for IELTS free pdf 4th edition

Check your vocabulary for IELTS
Check your vocabulary for IELTS


Check your vocabulary for IELTS is your guide for working on vocabulary for the IELTS exam.

This textbook can be used to prepare for both the academic and the general module of the test.

Also, this book is suitable for students, even with a low level of preparation.

The book was written by Rawdon Wyatt, who is the author of numerous other vocabulary preparation books:

including ones for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS), the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL®) and the First Certificate in English (FCE) exams.

Components Of "Check Your Vocabulary For IELTS Book" .

The book is divided into two parts:

The first part:

is devoted to general vocabulary, which you will need not only for the exam, But some of the presented words and expressions are introduced specifically for use on the test (for example, the lexicon for describing the changes on the graph).

The second part:

The second part of the book presents the vocabulary on the topics of the exam. In each chapter of the second part, there are three tasks:

  • The first two exercises represent a new vocabulary in the context,
  • and the third exercise (filling in passes) allows you to repeat and fix new words and expressions.


You do not need to read the whole book in a row if you are already familiar with any material.

You can select specific vocabulary blocks that are unfamiliar to you, and work with them.

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