3 Ways to Extract Text from Image using OCR

Did it ever happen that you are watching a video while preparing for IELTS exam and want to extract the text from the slides? Or you want to get a piece of text from an image? If you find yourself in that kind of situation, then you can go to cardscanner.co website because it contains a free online OCR converter that lets you efficiently extract the text. This is the most time saving and convenient way to get the text out from an image in the editable form. 

More Info:

Optical character recognition (OCR) is a powerful software that recognizes the text accurately. The main function of OCR involves analyzing the text written on an image and translating the characters into a code that is further utilized for the processing of the data. OCR software uses the advanced AI to implement the Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) that helps to identify the language and the structure of the text. 

3 Ways to Extract the Text:

Below we have provide three legitimate and reliable ways to extract the text:


This is a free online picture to text converter that lets you perform the precise text conversion in a couple of seconds. You just simply have to add the images and it provides you the result in the plain text format. This online OCR converter has the ability to extract the text from various image formats including JPG, JPEG,PNG, WebP, JFIF, BMP and GIF. Once it has extracted the text, then you can copy the whole text by just clicking on the copy icon available right below the text window. Further, it provides you the facility to download the extracted text in simple text, Docs, PDF or HTML format. This converter supports multiple languages to facilitate the users from various regions of the world. 


  • Add the images, or URL, or the link of the drive location where your images are available into the toolbox.
  • Press the Calculate button and let the converter do the rest.
  • Once the extraction is completed, copy or download the text by clicking on the available icons. 


You may have to copy a text from an image that is not written clearly. In this situation you can get the assistance of a free picture to text converter. This online OCR converter contains a very simple interface so that anyone can use it easily. It has an additional feature that allows the users to hear the text after extracting it from the image. This feature distinguishes it from the other image to text extractors.


  • Simply, upload or drag the image or add the url into the toolbox of the converter.
  • Press the submit button and you will see the extracted text on your screen.
  • Copy or download text in txt, docs or PDF format. 


This is another useful online OCR converter that allows the users to extract the text form the images and directly transform it into editable format. The text it provides to the users does not contain any kind of formatting. 


  • First of all, add the image.
  • Press the convert button and wait a few seconds for the photo to text converter online to complete the conversion.
  • Copy or download the text in .txt or docs format. 

Final Thoughts:

If you need to turn images into editable text then look no further than an online OCR converter. An OCR software makes it possible for the converters to extract the text accurately and provide the expected output. With the help of it, extracting of text can be done quickly but you might have to do some work on the formatting of the text.  

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