Cambridge IELTS 17 – Free AUDIO & PDF Download 2022

Cambridge IELTS 17 – Free AUDIO & PDF Download 2022

Cambridge IELTS 17 – Free AUDIO & PDF Download 2022

Cambridge IELTS 17 – Free AUDIO & PDF Download 2022
Cambridge IELTS 17 – Free AUDIO & PDF Download 2022

The Cambridge IELTS 17 test set has just been released in June 2022, promising to have many new topics and the test format will follow the content of the real IELTS exam questions. What are you waiting for, let’s explore this wonderful book with IELTS Game!

Introducing the book Cambridge IELTS 17

Basic information of the book Cambridge IELTS 17
PublisherUniversity of Cambridge
Publishing year2022
Number of pages144
Suitable subjectsTo be able to make good use of this book, learners should have a solid English foundation and be at a level (5.0-6.0+ IELTS).

The book Cambridge IELTS 17 is probably one of the most anticipated books by IELTS students in 2022.

Like the Cambridge IELTS books 9 -16 , the book IELTS Cambridge 17 is published by one of the leading prestigious publishers with IELTS – Cambridge University.

Called a book, but in fact, the Cambridge IELTS 17 book is more like a test set. It only provides Practice Tests (according to the standard format of the real test) and accompanying answers, but does not provide instructions or test tips at all. 

This book is suitable for those of you who have equipped themselves with a solid foundation of English, and want to add exam questions to prepare for the IELTS exam.

Detailed review of the book Cambridge IELTS 17

Book layout

If you have done the Cambridge IELTS books before (9-16), then surely you will not be too unfamiliar with the layout of these books. If you are not sure, here is the main layout of the book

Main partsContent
IntroductionGive some background information related to the book. Also, introduce the format of IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training
Practice TestProvide quality test questions with the same format as real tests for all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking)
AudioscriptsGive the transcript for the Listening lesson
Listening and Reading Answer KeysGive answers to Listening and Reading exercises
Sample Writing AnswerProvide sample answers for Writing (band score ranges from 5.5 to 7.5)

Cambridge IELTS 17 academic includes 4 practice tests for all 4 skills (Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking). Each practice test is carefully compiled, so that the test questions have the same format as the real exam. 

Therefore, most IELTS candidates have to practice through the Cambridge IELTS test sets before taking the test, to be familiar with the format as well as to practice their skills.

Details of the book 

Here are the Topics included in the book

Test 1Listening Section 1Buckworth Conservation Group
Listening Section 2Boat trip round Tasmania
Listening Section 3Work experience for veterinary science students
Listening Section 4Labyrinths (Labyrinths)
Reading Passage 1The London underground railway
Reading Passage 2Stadiums: past, present and future
Reading Passage 3To catch a king (To catch a king)
Test 2Listening Section 1Opportunities for voluntary work in Southoe village
Listening Section 2Oniton Hall (Oniton Hall)
Listening Section 3Romeo and Juliet 
Listening Section 4The impact of digital technology on the Icelandic language
Reading Passage 1The Dead Sea Scrolls (Manuscripts of the Dead Sea Scrolls) 
Reading Passage 2A second attempt at domesticating the tomato
Reading Passage 3Insight or evolution? (Insight or evolution?)
Test 3Listening Section 1Advice on surfing holidays
Listening Section 2Childcare Service
Listening Section 3Holly’s Work Placement Tutorial
Listening Section 4Bird Migration Theory
Reading Passage 1The thylacine (Tasmanian Tiger)
Reading Passage 2Palm oil (Palm Oil)
Reading Passage 3Building the Skyline: The Birth and Growth of Manhattan’s Skyscrapers
Test 4Listening Section 1Easy Life Cleaning Services
Listening Section 2Staff Turnover
Listening Section 3Sporting activities at school
Listening Section 4Maple syrup (Maple syrup)
Reading Passage 1Bats to the rescue
Reading Passage 2Does education fuel economic growth? (Does education promote economic growth?
Reading Passage 3Timur Gareyev – blindfold chess champion (Timur Gareyev – blindfold chess champion)

Download Cambridge IELTS 17 Academic

Cambridge IELTS 17 (PDF & Audio) 

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