Download the Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS (Ebook + CD)

The official cambridge guide to ielts for academic and general training

Download the Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS (Ebook + CD)

The official cambridge guide to ielts for academic and general training

The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS (Ebook + CD) is one of the most important books for IELTS preparation for Academic and General Training .

The book was published by the Cambridge University to help IELTS students to prepare for the IELTS exam as it contains all they need to ace the IELTS and get band 7 – 8.

Components Of The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS.

In this book, you will find everything that is required for the successful passing of the test.

The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS is primarily concerned with the structure of the IELTS test and the various strategies for completing assignments.

This book is your personal guide to IELTS as practice tests have been written by the IELTS exam expert writers at Cambridge University.

The book is divided into two parts:

Components of the first part.

In the first part of this manual, you will get a complete idea of each section of the exam, as well as receive valuable tips for overcoming tasks of different types.

Tasks are chosen so that you get acquainted with each type of questions and improve your skills.

There is a summary of the formula of IELTS exam, then there are four sections dealing with the four English skills tested in IELTS: Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking.

Each skill is shown in a separate unit with the a lot of  tips and tricks related to this part.

In addition to theoretical material, the book contains a large number of practical exercises for the formation of certain skills for the exam.

Components of the second part.

In addition to step-by-step instructions and tips, the book presents Eight IELTS tests with comments and answers (6 tests of the academic module and 2 tests of the general module).

The first practice test contains hints and reminders to guide you, and at the end of the book, you will find a comprehensive answer key for each exam, as well as the audioscripts for listening part.

Also, if you purchase a full edition in the store, you will have a DVD with video examples of answers to the Speaking part

The best level to start studying the official Cambridge guide.

Students from any level of preparation (starting from 4.0 points and above) can study this book.

It is suitable for students who prepare for IELTS alone through self-study at home and who are integrated into an IELTS preparation course.

The book is also considered as a valuable source for IELTS tutors to share with their candidates.

Also, students who prepare for general or academic module can use this book as it contain exams for both as mentioned above.

How can you use this book in a correct way?

When taking the Practice Tests, use the tips and strategies recommended in the skills units.

You should also try to take the tests under exam conditions and within time limits to prepare for your real exam.

It is highly recommended to collect a hard copy from this book as you will need it for reading and listening section.

You should finish the first part of the book, which contains the IELTS tips and go through each unit in order before taking the Practice Tests as the units order help you to develop your skills.

Remember that this book contains all you need to pass the IELTS test and get 7 – 8.

Download links.

Now, you can download the book for free with a direct link on Google drive on IELTSGAME.COM.

Download The Official Cambridge Guide To IELTS Ebook + CD For Free

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Contents of the book.

1. Getting ready to listen

  1. Understanding the context
  2. Using the correct spelling
  3. Writing numbers

2. Following a conversation

  1. Identifying the speakers
  2. Identifying function
  3. Understanding categories

3. Recognising paraphrase

  1. Identifying distractors
  2. Recognising paraphrase
  3. Selecting from a list

4. Places and directions

  1. Describing a place
  2. Following directions
  3. Labelling a map

5. Listening for actions and processes

  1. Understanding mechanical parts
  2. Describing an action or process
  3. Describing a process

6. Attitude and opinion

  1. Identifying attitudes and opinions
  2. Persuading and suggesting
  3. Reaching a decision

7. Following a lecture or talk

  1. Identifying main ideas
  2. Understanding how ideas are connected
  3. Understanding an explanation

8. Contrasting ideas

  1. Signposting words
  2. Comparing and contrasting ideas
  3. Using notes to follow a talk

1. Reading strategies

  1. Using the features of a Reading passage
  2. Skimming a passage and speed reading
  3. Global understanding

2. Descriptive passages

  1. Scanning for detail
  2. Using words from the passage
  3. Notes/flow-chart/diagram completion

3. Understanding the main ideas

  1. Identifying the main idea
  2. Understanding the main points
  3. Identifying information in a passage

4. Locating and matching information

  1. Identifying types of information
  2. Locating and matching information
  3. How ideas are connected

5. Discursive passages

  1. Discursive passages
  2. Identifying theories and opinions
  3. Matching features

6. Multiple-choice questions

  1. Understanding longer pieces of text
  2. Different types of multiple choice
  3. Identifying a writer’s purpose

7. Opinions and attitudes

  1. Argumentative texts
  2. Identifying the writer’s views/claims
  3. Identifying grammatical features

8. General Training Reading

  1. The General Training Reading paper
  2. Dealing with multiple texts
  3. Understanding work-related texts.

1. Academic Writing Task 1 – Describing a chart, table or graph

  1. Understanding graphs, tables and charts
  2. More complex charts
  3. Improving your Task Achievement score.

2. Academic Writing Task 1 – Comparing and contrasting graphs and tables

  1. Avoiding repetition
  2. Comparing and contrasting data
  3. Grammatical Accuracy — describing numbers and figures accurately.

3. Academic Writing Task 1 – Describing diagrams

  1. Understanding a diagram
  2. Describing a process — coherence and cohesion
  3. Lexical Resource — being accurate

4. Academic Writing Task 1 – Describing maps

  1. Describing a map
  2. Describing changes in a place
  3. Grammatical Accuracy

5. General Training Writing Task 1 – A letter

  1. Understanding the task
  2. Improving your score
  3. Checking and correcting

6. writing Task 2 – Getting ready to write

  1. Understanding the task
  2. Planning and organizing your ideas
  3. Getting started – writing an introduction

7. Writing Task 2 – Expressing your ideas clearly

  1. Linking ideas — cohesion
  2. Lexical Resource — avoiding repetition
  3. Expressing a personal view

8. Writing Task 2 – Checking and correcting

  1. Developing your ideas clearly
  2. Grammatical Accuracy
  3. Assessing your language

1 The Speaking Test – Part 1

  1. Getting ready to speak
  2. Part 1 — talking about familiar topics
  3. Using the right tense —- Grammatical Range and Accuracy

2. Part 2 – Giving a talk

  1. Understanding the task
  2. Improving Fluency and Coherence
  3. Organising your notes and your talk

3. Part 3 – Talking about abstract topics

  1. Talking about abstract topics
  2. Agreeing and disagreeing
  3. Improving your Lexical Resource score

4. Checking, correcting and assessing

  1. Dealing with problems
  2. Pronunciation, intonation and ‘chunking’
  3. Assessing yourself and improving your score

IELTS Tests.

  1. Practice Test 1
  2. Practice Test 2
  3. Practice Test 3
  4. Practice Test 4
  5. Practice Test 5
  6. Practice Test 6
  7. Practice Test 7 General Training Test
  8. Practice Test 8 General Training Test

Recording Scripts Answer Key.

Sample Answer Sheets

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