Describe a friend or a person who is a good leader

Describe a friend or person who is a good leader

128. IELTS Cue Card -
Describe a friend/person who is a good leader

In this article, IELTS Game will add number 128 IELTS cue card sample on the series of 2020 cue cards with band 9.0 model answers and part 3 follow up questions that will help you in your IELTS test preparation.

This cue card is related to “Person description” topic and asking you to “Describe a friend/person who is a good leader and asking IELTS speaking part 3 follow up questions.

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Describe a friend or person who is a good leader
Describe a friend or person who is a good leader

IELTS Cue Card 2020 Sample 128

Describe a friend/person who is a good leader.

You should say:

  • – Who this person is?
  • – How you know this person?
  • – What he does?
  • – How this person behaves?
  • – Why do you think he is a good leader?

Band 9.0 Sample Answer Ideas.

• I know many people who can lead well, but here I would like to talk about my best friend Shyam as I believe he is a good leader

• He has all the qualities needed to be a good leader

• He is 20 years old and very handsome.

• We have been friends since school days.

• I met him when I was in the 4th class in the Govt Primary School where I studied.

• I remember, I used to be very shy and never used to go to the teachers with my problems.

• But he never had any hesitation to speak to the teachers or the principal.

• In fact, he used to represent the whole class, if we had any problem and needed to talk to our school principal.

• He has no glossophobia and every year he used to represent the school for debates and declamation contests, and he won many trophies for the school.

• He always used to be selected as the monitor of the class. In college, now he heads the students’ union.

• Whenever he talks on any subject, he speaks so well that people listen to him. He can bind his audience very well.

• He is himself very disciplined and he always used to encourage other students to be punctual.

• He used to be very good in studies also.

• He was always in the top five students of the class.

• He used to be in the good books of all teachers.

• I really like to spend my time with him.

• I like him because he is an honest and straightforward person.

• He has a very good sense of humour.

• Whenever I was in trouble he used to come and help me.

• He tried to be very understanding and never fought with me.

• In class I was weak at maths and he used to help me.

• I had a very bad handwriting and he helped me to improve my handwriting also.

• He is a very loving, caring and affectionate person.

• So, he became a very intimate friend.

• Now also he lives near my house and we spend our evenings together.

• We go for movies together, do shopping together and even play together.

IELTS Speaking part 3 Follow Up Questions.

Here are some follow up questions you may be asked during part 3 IELTS Speaking exam by the IELTS examiner related to 1st cue card:

“Describe a friend/person who is a good leader”

1. Who is the head of the family in your culture?

In my culture the head of the family is generally the oldest male member of the family.

In most parts of India there is a patriarchal society.

2. Are men better at decision making in a family?

There are no gender differences as far as decision-making is concerned.

Generally the decisions are made by the oldest male member in the family in patriarchal societies, but as far as the ability to make decisions is concerned I believe there are no gender differences and women is it all as good as men in making decisions.

3. Do you think that in future there will be more women leaders?

What the future holds in store for us no one can tell and so it is difficult to say whether they’ll be more women leaders in future.

However, as women are coming up in all fields shoulder to shoulder with men so maybe in future we will see more women leaders.

4. Should a leader discuss with team members when making decisions?

Yes definitely, a leader should discuss with his team members while making decisions, but the final decision should be at the leaders discretion.

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