[2020] Describe a successful small business that you know

Describe a successful small business that you know cue card

IELTS Speaking part 2 -
Cue Card: Describe a successful small business that you know

In this article, IELTS Game will add number 16 cue card on the series of IELTS speaking exams part 2 with band 9.0 model answers that will help you in your IELTS preparation.

This cue card is asking you to “Describe a successful small business that you know“, and asking some questions related to this topic.

This cue card is an expected cue card to appear in IELTS exam 2020 according to Makkar IELTS guess work.

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Describe a successful small business that you know cue card
Describe a successful small business that you know cue card

Describe a successful small business that you know.

You should say:

  • – What the business is
  • – Where it is
  • – Who runs the business / how you know about this business
  • – And explain why you think it is successful.

Band 9 Sample answer ideas.

• I belong to Phagwara.

• It is the hub of small-scale industry.

• There are many small businesses running in Phagwara.

• Here I would like to talk about Neil Campbell industries.

• It deals with motor spare parts.

• This company is run by my friend’s father, Mr Sehdev Chauhan.

• They manufacture engine parts and motor parts.

• My friend tells me that her great grandfather started this business from his home.

• He started with just two workers working under him.

• He had only one machine initially.

• Then when her grandfather joined the company they started expanding.

• Today, there are about 200 workers, and the supply spare parts all over the world.

• Me know my friends brother emigrated to Canada for years ago and now he gets orders from Canada also.

• She tells me that her father is very disciplined and reaches his company half an hour before time.

• Perhaps that is why all the workers are also always on time.

• They have a very good relation with their employees.

• She was telling me that it is very difficult to sustain in this modern world because competition is very stiff.

• But in their company they have employed many foreign nearing relatives who are all working hard and earning good bread-and-butter from this company.

• They give their employees bonuses from time to time, and sometimes even take them out for excursions.

• When they get bigger orders, they make their employees do overtime and pay them double for that time.

• That is why all the employees look forward to working overtime.

• They have very good relations with other spare part manufactures in my hometown.

• Freya tells me that her father is mostly out to different states of India and abroad for taking part in exhibitions related to their products.

• So, this is the successful small business that I know of.

IELTS Speaking Part 3 follow up Questions to describe a successful small business

1. Do many people know about this company?

Yes, in my hometown many people know about this company. 

But as my friend tells me that they have business in all parts of India and abroad, so I guess many people know about this company even outside my hometown.

2. What do you think can be considered as emerging industries?

Well I guess, emerging industries are those industries which are based on new products or new ideas which are in the early stages of their development.

These industries are also called sunrise industries. These industries are mostly related to information technology, wellness, hospitality and knowledge.

3. Is market research important for export business?

Yes, market research is very important for export business. 

If a person does not do any research then the whole thing can go waste and the person can end up suffering huge losses.

4. In business, do companies need to be competitive?

Yes, in business companies need to be competitive. If they are not competitive, they will die. 

If their products do not match up with similar products of other industries, then they will not have any sale and ultimately will not be able to survive.

5. Should companies promote competition and why?

Yes, companies should promote competition, because if they will not do so then they will not match their rival companies and will ultimately not be able to thrive.

6. What should be the government role in how small businesses are run?

The government should promote small businesses, because today many multinational companies are coming up, and if small businesses are not promoted and supported by the governments then they will ultimately disappear.

7. How can businesses benefit the community in which they are located?

Businesses can benefit the community in many ways. Firstly, they can employ people in the local community are.

Then they can take steps to save the environment. In this way they can fulfil their social and environmental responsibility.

8. What kind of small businesses are most popular?

All kinds of small businesses are popular, such as related to clothes, toys, the food industry and many more.

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Another Band 8.5 Sample answer.

Here are another sample answer for this IELTS cue card to describe a successful small business that you know.

Nowadays, there is a new booming trend of start-ups in my city; however, not all of them are successful.

One of the businesses that I think is the most successful is the KAfe chain of restaurants and café boutiques.

I remember 2 years ago, they only had one business in our city. It quickly became one of the favorite spots for the youth to get together.

Now they have expanded with franchises in almost every corner of my city.

The fame of KAfe has spread by word of mouth, and in my case, a friend told me about it.

– The owner of the chain is a young woman, who is only 31 years old at the moment. Since I have always been  interested in opening up a small café/ restaurants of my own, I admire her work a lot.

– She has successfully created a brand name of real food, in the environment of a modern, energetic and urban café, introducing the foreign lifestyle to our rustic city.

Every time I have visited this restaurant, it has always been full and this applies to all other KAfe locations in our city, not just one specific place.

Recently, the group announced that it had raised a 5.5- million-dollar investment from overseas funds.

This proves that the KAfe chain is considered to have great potential in developing further and becoming even more successful in the future.


booming: [adjective] having a sudden increase in business, wealth and success.

  • Example: The owner was able to buy new machinery, because his company was booming and he had money to invest.

start-ups: [noun] companies that are just opening.

  • Example: Many start-ups fail because they do not have enough money to survive their first year in business.

chain: [noun] a group of businesses owned by the same company.

  • Example: There are about 6 large chains of supermarkets selling food in the UK.

boutiques: [noun] a small business that sells fashionable products.

  • Example: A famous street in London is full of small boutiques selling all the latest styles of clothes.

franchises: [noun] businesses which have been given permission by a company to sell its products in a particular area.

  • Example: The largest restaurant franchise in the UK is McDonalds.

word of mouth: [expression] The chain is famous because people have talked about it to each other.

  • Example: The news of the accident spread by word of mouth, hours before it was reported on TV.

brand name: [noun] the name given to a product by the company that produces it.

Example: The brand name of the most famous trainers is NIKE.

rustic: [adjective] simple – typical of the countryside.

  • Example: It is impossible to see rustic styles of houses in Hanoi nowadays.

investment: [noun] a sum of money that you lend to a business, expecting that you will make
more money over a period of time.

  • Example: The investment of money by the bank enabled the business to expand.

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