IELTS Speaking – Describe a successful small business that you know

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Describe a successful small business that you know cue card

IELTS Speaking part 2 -
Cue Card: Describe a successful small business that you know

In this article, IELTS Game will add number 16 cue card on the series of IELTS speaking exams part 2 with band 9.0 model answers that will help you in your IELTS preparation.

This cue card is asking you to “Describe a successful small business that you know“, and asking some questions related to this topic.

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Describe a successful small business that you know cue card
Describe a successful small business that you know cue card

Describe a successful small business that you know.

You should say:

  • – What the business is
  • – Where it is
  • – Who runs the business / how you know about this business
  • – And explain why you think it is successful.

Band 8.5 Sample.

Nowadays, there is a new booming trend of start-ups in my city; however, not all of them are successful.

One of the businesses that I think is the most successful is the KAfe chain of restaurants and café boutiques.

I remember 2 years ago, they only had one business in our city. It quickly became one of the favorite spots for the youth to get together.

Now they have expanded with franchises in almost every corner of my city.

The fame of KAfe has spread by word of mouth, and in my case, a friend told me about it.

– The owner of the chain is a young woman, who is only 31 years old at the moment. Since I have always been  interested in opening up a small café/ restaurants of my own, I admire her work a lot.

– She has successfully created a brand name of real food, in the environment of a modern, energetic and urban café, introducing the foreign lifestyle to our rustic city.

Every time I have visited this restaurant, it has always been full and this applies to all other KAfe locations in our city, not just one specific place.

Recently, the group announced that it had raised a 5.5- million-dollar investment from overseas funds.

This proves that the KAfe chain is considered to have great potential in developing further and becoming even more successful in the future.


booming: [adjective] having a sudden increase in business, wealth and success.

  • Example: The owner was able to buy new machinery, because his company was booming and he had money to invest.

start-ups: [noun] companies that are just opening.

  • Example: Many start-ups fail because they do not have enough money to survive their first year in business.

chain: [noun] a group of businesses owned by the same company.

  • Example: There are about 6 large chains of supermarkets selling food in the UK.

boutiques: [noun] a small business that sells fashionable products.

  • Example: A famous street in London is full of small boutiques selling all the latest styles of clothes.

franchises: [noun] businesses which have been given permission by a company to sell its products in a particular area.

  • Example: The largest restaurant franchise in the UK is McDonalds.

word of mouth: [expression] The chain is famous because people have talked about it to each other.

  • Example: The news of the accident spread by word of mouth, hours before it was reported on TV.

brand name: [noun] the name given to a product by the company that produces it.

Example: The brand name of the most famous trainers is NIKE.

rustic: [adjective] simple – typical of the countryside.

  • Example: It is impossible to see rustic styles of houses in Hanoi nowadays.

investment: [noun] a sum of money that you lend to a business, expecting that you will make
more money over a period of time.

  • Example: The investment of money by the bank enabled the business to expand.

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